Which system provides a more effective form of government: presidential or parliamentary?

The essay title is;
Which system provides a more effective form of government: presidential or parliamentary?

Requirements for All Written Assignments
All assignments must adhere to the following:

1.    1.25″ left- and right-side margins, 1″ top and bottom margins, and Times New Roman 12-size font.
2.    A simple cover page containing a title, the student’s name, student number, course code and section, instructor’s name, and the date of submission.
3.    Excluding the title page, all pages must be properly numbered.
4.    Assignments must be printed on only one side of each page.
5.    Proper citation and a bibliography conforming to the MLA style of referencing.
6.    Use either parentheses or endnotes when citing sources.  Footnotes are not permitted.
7.    Meet the minimum page requirements of 2-3 pages.
8.    At least three sources
9.    The sources must be from the university of Ottawa website as following:


The below criteria is how the paper will be marked:

1.    Does the paper contain a central research question? (/1 mark)
2.    Does the essay clearly state its thesis? (/4 marks)
3.    Immediately after the thesis statement, does the essay state how its argument will unfold?  E.g., “First, the essay will examine X.  Second, it will look at Y.  Third, the essay will explore Z.” (/1 mark)
4.    Is the essay well organized, which enables its arguments to flow? (/3 marks)
5.    Does the essay demonstrate conceptual understanding and variety? (/5 marks)
6.    Does the essay engage with other arguments?  Strong essays take arguments seriously, even those they may not necessarily like. (/5)
7.    Is evidence provided to support an essay’s arguments?  What is the quality of that evidence? (/5)
8.    Are arguments properly developed as opposed to being rushed and/or presented as self-evident? (/5 marks)
9.    Is the essay free from grammatical and/or spelling errors?  Poor grammar and spelling immediately create a negative impression.  More important, poor grammar and spelling prevent the clear communication of an essay’s arguments and ideas. (/4 marks)
10.  Is the research adequate and relevant? (/1 mark)
11.  Did the essay use proper citation and bibliographical form? (/1 mark)

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