Term Paper- Applying for Funding

Term Paper- Applying for Funding

Applying for Funding

The purpose of this assignment is to explore external funding opportunities to support your applied research project. This assignment will help you research organizations or foundations that support research in your discipline or graduate student scholarship. This assignment will give you a framework to apply for funding, depending on your academic program or applied research study.

To complete this assignment, you are required to read the following article:

Twelve Tips for Writing Educational Research Grant Proposals

Address the following topics using the course text and the above article as a guide:

· Identify a professional organization, foundation, or federal or state unit or agency that sponsors financial awards in your academic discipline, graduate school, or research related to your applied research study. Summarize the scholarship/program criteria and award (or how/why the organization is aligned to your academic or applied research study).

· Explain why your study is worthy of funding (on the basis of the organization’s mission or funding criteria).

· Describe how your study is innovative or will contribute to the academic field or profession.

· Provide a rationale for the budget you created in M1 Assignment 3 (you may want to revise the budget on the basis of the organization or application criteria).

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