Term Paper Help: Analyzing a Wikipedia Entry

Term Paper Help: Analyzing a Wikipedia Entry-Complete the following activities: (200-250 words).

  1. Visit http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/sports/olympics/olympics-interactives.html?_r=0#tab1 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  and watch the video of U.S. Olympic skier Ryan St. Onge performing a  “double full full full”, a triple backflip with four body twists, with  an explanation of the physics of aerial skiing. Pay attention to how  some of the technical terms are defined (and keep in mind that the video  features some definitions that rely on images as well as words). After  watching the video, use the space below to describe the “double full  full full” using words alone. What is the most challenging part of  describing a “double full full full” using only words? Why is it so  difficult?
  1. Analyze a  Wikipedia entry on a topic of your choice, noting how focused the  information is, how key terms are defined, and how the entry is  organized. How trustworthy do you find the information—and what makes  you trust it (or not)? How would you characterize the tone? Informative?  Informative but somewhat argumentative? Something else? Point to words  that convey that tone. Respond to these questions below
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