Term Paper-Professionalism and responsibility

Term Paper-Professionalism and responsibility

Describe in some detail what you think you would like to do upon graduation and for the long-term. For example, where do you want to be one year from now, three years from now, five years from now? Set some goals. Feel free to include goals that today may feel somewhat unrealistic and perhaps more like dreams, but that do inspire you. You may be surprised years from now to find that in articulating such goals, the goals became “more real” and you will have achieved many of them. As you think about your goals, what skills will you need to acquire and/or further improve in order to meet these goals? How will you ensure that your skills will remain relevant and appropriate for the career you want?

Ethics ­ Does your company have an official statement or policy on ethics? Do discussions about ethics ever occur in your company? Don¹t divulge anything confidential. Your discussion should be about your organization’s culture and whether ethical concerns are an integral part of that culture. Do you have any recommendations for your company or organization?

In the second section of the paper (minimum 1/2 page) create something similar to the remaining forum post you would have created if continuing in MKT 498C. (NOTE: These instructions are similar to the instructions given by Professor Kiesler. (You have already completed the first four forum posts in your MKT 498C class, so those are not required for this paper.)

In the third section of the paper (minimum 2 pages) reflect specifically on your own experience in your internship and how you have developed your professional skills through your internship work. Analyze your internship activities and discuss how you have either learned new skills, strengthened existing skills, or both. These might include both technical skills and so called “soft skills.” Think about how your activities on the internship translate into skills that future employers will value. How do you intend to leverage the skills you have acquired into future career opportunities? Is there anything you want to work on more before your internship ends?

I would like you to thoughtfully reflect on professionalism, and consider what you can and must do in the future to avoid similar situations where you might be in danger of missing an important deadline or commitment, or of misunderstanding requirements and instructions. Please discuss how you will recognize the priority of meeting deadlines or completing time sensitive work, how you will ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities and timelines, and how you will plan for contingencies. Situations where you might misunderstand instructions and/or misunderstand a deadline arise on a regular basis in a professional environment and in life. We always have competing priorities and much communication coming at us, and we must be careful to understand what we are expected to do so that we fulfill expectations and our responsibilities. It is valuable to imagine and consider in advance how you might respond to future situations. To facilitate your reflection, read and summarize at least 5 articles on professionalism in the workplace that address issues such as time management, understanding and following directives, being clear on expectations, prioritizing work to meet deadlines, etc. It is easy to find such articles with just a google search. Condense your thoughtful reflections with respect to this issue. Include a bibliography of the 5 or more articles that you read which have contributed to your reflections.