The Sociology of Culture-Identify another subculture in today’s society such as these people that participate in the Steampunk subculture picture

DIRECTIONS: Please cite at least five sources used to prepare your answer and two citations must be from the reading material provided and one source from the picture you select.  Answers must include sociology principles, theories and research data

The Sociology of Culture (An Introduction)

Culture may be defined as all that human beings learn to do, to use, to produce, to know, and to believe as they grow to maturity and live out their lives in the social groups to which they belong. Socialization is the vehicle that people use to pass their culture on to younger generations. Social institutions like religion and education (in terms of both material and non-material culture) are used to help parents and communities pass on culture.  With immigration issues and years of accepting refugees, the United States of America has been hearing much about culture shock, the difficulty that people have adjusting to a new culture that differs markedly from their own.  Macionis (2009) defines culture shock as personal disorientation when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life.  

Often when people travel to other parts of the World they are guilty of ethnocentrism or the practice of judging another culture by the standards of one’s own culture.  Sometimes people consciously make judgments about other cultures according to their own customs and values.  Other times it happens subconsciously.  Once while I was in Italy with another Minnesotan, I clearly witnessed this… Several of us (American students studying oversees) were having dinner together at an outdoor Italian pizzeria when my fellow traveler got upset over his order.  Sven (my companion & his real first name) had ordered pepperoni pizza but did not receive pepperoni meat instead he received a pizza with several different types of peppers on what he called a watered-down tomato-based sauce.  As I recall there was little to no cheese on it.  He yelled at the wait staff, the cooks, and the manager because he expected something like his usual godfather’s or Domino’s Pizza served in the USA.  I was extremely embarrassed by the incident and got out of there as quickly as possible after paying for the rest of the meals (that we had not eaten and giving them a big tip).

Goths are visible as a subculture in our society, in part because of their taste in music and fashion. You can find out more about Goth culture in the following YouTube video featuring an author of a “gothica” Encyclopedia: 

Once you have reviewed the brief video clip above, then: (1) Identify another subculture in today’s society such as these people that participate in the Steampunk subculture pictured below.

(2) describe in which ways your selected subculture’s values oppose dominant culture? and (3) define a counterculture and then explain whether you believe that your group should be considered just a subculture or if it is actually a counterculture.