the story from Hamlet 

If you need use example, please use the story from Hamlet

Answer 10 the following questions:

1Discuss the relationship between the ego, the id, and the superego.

2What is repression? What is the relationship between repression and dreams or artistic creations?

3Why is family very important in psychoanalytic theory? What role does family play in how we define ourselves?

4Men who have unresolved Oedipal attachments often harbor a “good girl/bad girl” attitude toward women. Explain briefly how and why.

5When our defenses break down we experience anxiety around certain core issues. Mention one or two core issues discussed in the chapter and define them briefly.

6Define these psychological terms: isolation; intellectualization; projection; reaction formation.

7What are some of the features of a colonialist ideology?

8Define the term universalism as it is related to Eurocentrism.

9What is “orientalism” as defined by Edward Said in his book of that title?

10What is “double consciousness”? How does it affect a postcolonial person psychologically?

11In response to post-colonial stress, some activists try to evoke and bring back a pre-colonial past. What difficulties are involved in trying to recapture a pre-colonial past?

12Define “hybridity” or “syncretism.” Are these positive or negative terms? Explain.

NOTE: These are not objective questions with only one-line answers. Use your best knowledge and judgment to define the concepts and ideas. Use examples or specific details whenever possible.

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