The Tempest Assignment Help

Take either Caliban’s first major on-stage scenes/early passages or the scene of Prospero’s odd forgetting (later) of Caliban’s conspiracy against him as a brainstorming cue, and construct an argument/analysis that uses a full or apt range of passages/scenes from the “The Tempest” yet also makes one of the former passages or scenes central. For example: “In one of the early scenes of “The Tempest” Caliban almost seems to joke about his effort to ‘rape’ Prospero’s daughter Miranda; so does that make him a beast, or a rather canny subjugated servant who knows exactly what would irritate his putative lord and master, Prosper? … etc etc etc.”

You must integrate at least three pieces of research. You may paraphrase, cite directly via “”s, or cite via endnotes. A (brief) Bibliography is required. This secondary material may be historical-cultural, biographical, and/or critical-interpretive, depending on your argument. It may not come directly from low-level websites (SparkNotes, Wikipedia, etc), but it may come from academic journals that are available through the web.

*Essay should be about 2500-3000 words (8-10 pages double-spaced)

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