Thesis Papers: Counseling Theory

Thesis Papers: Counseling TheorySelect a counseling theory that will guide your crisis interventions and state your rationale for using it for this purpose.

For this assignment, you will describe how you would work with diverse individuals and two different constituencies by developing a group crisis intervention proposal for the Middle Valley Consortium. The intervention will include counseling components, education and prevention components, and follow-up plans to connect individuals to other programs or networks, if needed.

Counselors who work with children and adolescents rarely work only with children and adolescents! They are often asked to help with prevention efforts, consult with schools or other groups that serve children, educate parents and teachers about children’s mental health needs, and advocate for changes in communities and schools. Therefore, any counselor must understand how these multiple systems operate and must be knowledgeable about the programs and networks that support the mental health of diverse children and adolescents in the community.

Your proposal is being requested because the community is still reeling from the shocking death of two middle school students, who overdosed on prescription drugs. Your proposal will include plans for holding two crisis intervention groups, one for the classmates of the deceased children and one for parents and community members who are upset by the event and concerned about the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse among children and adolescents.

Your community is diverse, so your crisis groups will include members from several different racial and ethnic backgrounds. You also have been informed that there is one middle school girl who has a hearing impairment, as do her parents, and one middle school boy affected by a motor neuron disease resulting in orthopedic impairment; he requires a wheelchair. His father is also affected by this heritable disease and requires a wheelchair. Additionally, from previous experience in the school, you know that two of your group members are medicated for ADHD.

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