Thesis Papers: PSY 317 Weekly Work: Culture of Origin Reflection

Thesis Papers: PSY 317 Weekly Work: Culture of Origin Reflection


PSY 317 Weekly Work:

Culture of Origin Reflection

2. Reflect on an emotion, and how your family may have influenced its’ expression. For example, what is the cultural norm in your family for expressing joy, happiness, or sadness, jealousy, or anger? In your response clarify your observations with good descriptive detail. Also, include the age and gender of family members you are referencing.

I am an international student, and I am originally from Saudi. Therefore, my cultural background is difference than the United States’ cultural norms. I came from a large family that has ten members including my parents and siblings, I have four sisters and three brothers, and we all have great relationships with each other due to the way our parents raised us and how much we value the concept of a family.

My mother would express joy or happiness by giving a huge and sometimes I could see tears in her eyes when she does that depending on the level of joy that she is experiencing just as my sisters tend to express happiness. On the other hand, my father and brothers tend to express happiness by shaking hands and hugging each other. All of my family members would feel encouraged to share their emotions especially happiness because it spreads inside the family. If I shared my positive feelings with my family, they would all be influenced since they care about my well-being and good feeling.

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