Thesis Papers: Women Figure from 1920

Thesis Papers: Women Figure from 1920

Women Figure from 1920 that was assigned: 

Alice Paul

Each of you is assigned a women of the 1920s. Write into Dear Abby playing the role of that women. Respond to “Confused” from your figure’s point of view. 

1. Research your figure and make a list of 5 things you learned about her point of view regarding women’s rights/ role or things in her life that may have shaped her views. 

a. Must be related to the topic in some way

b. Link sources beneath list

2. Write a letter of advice in response to the one above. 

. ~400 words / normal font

a. Demonstrate your specific point of view

b. Respond directly to multiple points made above

c. Attempts to give advice and be persuasive

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