To explore the organisation’s current operation management and quality management areas.


Select one New Zeland business. It is recommended that you choose an organisation where you can obtain information easily. It can be from any industry that you are interested to explore.

Imagine that you are just being appointed as an external business consultant for the organisation. You main task is to explore the organisation’s current operation management and quality management areas.

Your report should consist of:

  • Cover page
  • Table of content
  • Executive summary                              5 marks
  • Purpose of this report                              3 marks
  • Industry backround

Overview (NZ and global)                                     5 marks


  • Organisation details:

Nature of business, mission, vision, management, location, employees, financial situation (if any), website, social media, competitors.

8 marks

  • Operation strategy
  • Define and explain operations strategy 6 marks


  • Analyse the organisation’s and the operation strategy(ies).

Example of strategies :Low-cost, scale-based, specialisation, newness, flexible, high quality, service, sustainability.      8 marks


  • Investigate if the organisation’s operation strategy formulation

5 marks

  • Quality Management
  • Define and explain quality management 8 marks


  • Analyse the organisation’s the quality management strategy(ies).                                                                                              8 marks


  • Identify an operational problem (product or service related) of the selected organisation and draw a cause and effect diagram (Ishikawa diagram) to identify the contributing factors (at least 4 main areas of contribution)

(4 x 5 marks = 20 marks)


  • Recommend practical solution(s) to the problem 10 marks

(Maximum of 3 solutions)

Report summary                                                                                 5 marks


APA referencing & citation                                                                5 marks


Other editorial (fonts size, margins, headings, numberings)                 4 marks



Total marks = 100 marks