Tone and Negative Messages and Persuasive Messages

300 Words APA Style

M4D1: Tone and Negative Messages and Persuasive Messages

The communication options you choose will depend o n what you want to accomplish and what you and your audience find comfortable. Be aware that each generation has communication technology preferences. Instant messaging is often preferred by Generation X (under 50) and Generation Y (under 30), whereas Baby Boomers prefer email and mobile phone calls. You may find yourself out of touch with clients, co-workers, and associates who gravitate toward media you do not use. The ability to craft persuasive messages is also important when you are formulating a message that is bad news or trying to change perceptions or opinions.  Persuasive  Tone and Negative Messages and Persuasive Messagestechniques in communication can be used for influencing target audiences, changing perceptions, and maintaining the reputation of the organization.

For this discussion question, start by composing a brief persuasive message to your immediate supervisor explaining why your organization should be using social media to interact with various stakeholders. When writing this brief message, use the AIDA model discussed in the chapter (make sure you clearly label each section (attention, interest, desire, and action).

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