Trade Policy Assessment- Identifying sustainability challenges report

Trade Policy Assessment

Identifying sustainability challenges report Due date 3rdAugust 2017.

Description Choose one region of the country (eg. Waikato), and one industry (eg. dairy farming).

Recommended that you do a search for information for this case study before deciding on it to ensure you have enough information for this assignment.
Conduct a problem identification analysis, to identify sustainability problems in the Dairy Farming, in the Waikato region. You are to identify the sustainability problems and their potential causes. The report should be structured as follows:
environmental and social issues (global and local); challenges for the industry (environmental,social and economic); on farm challenges.
Reference appropriate academic, industry, NGO and government sources.
Expectations: Approximately 1500 words Times New Roman 12 point, 2x line space, default margins (approx. 2.54 cm).
IT will be marked on:
– Clear argument that identifies a range of sustainability challenges and their potential causes. You do not need an exhaustive list of all sustainability challenges, but you do need to cover a range of them at all levels (global to local and on farm) and types (environmental, economic, social).
– Clear use of a range of appropriate supporting evidence. This must include some academic, industry, NGO and/or government sources. It can also be from informal sources, such as a dairy farmer or researcher at Beef and Lamb NZ. You must present a range of source, not just a single report or person/group.
– Original thought that builds on the presented evidence, rather than just repeats it, will contribute to a higher grade.
– Marks will be deducted for being substantially over 1500 words (eg 300 or 400 words over, not including reference list).
– Correct use of grammar and spelling will ensure marks are not deducted for issues with clarity and professionalism of presentation.