Transgenders in the military

Please read a book that is a personal narrative about the subject…for example, the book ″Warrior Princess″ by Kristin Beck. Use the narrative as a primary example in the paper to consider how this person′s identity is linked to cultural notions about masculinity, femininity, sexuality, the military, etc. The assignment should work closely as possible with this primary narrative but should also include a research based source on the subject to consider what insight these materials bring to the narrative. The research portion can contain multiple sources but the narrative portion would derive from that one book. Some examples of questions to be answered in the paper are…What did I learn about the topic from  reading? What does it mean to be someone transgender in the military? What do the characters reveal about the nature of living as trans? Try to consider identity as something more than individual, but always in a sense also, social and/or cultural.

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