Treaty of paris 1783

Post Revolution Writing Assessment

Imagine that you are a one of the leading voices of your community. People from all around your town depend on you for your perspective and insight, especially with very troubling events. Thanks to advances in printing and distribution, you and other firebrands of the era are able to circulate your thoughts and opinions to many more individuals. The events after the American revolution through the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson (1783-1808) have kept you busy as a journalist as you continue to apply your trade and provide valuable insight as to what is happening with the new United States and if you feel that the country is heading in the right direction. Your task is to report on any one of the major events that occured in the US from 1783-1808. I encourage you to use a strong persuasive voice supported with a convincing argument with supporting evidence to convince your readers that your viewpoints are correct.

An eye-catching title for your Newspaper or Blog
A banner headline for your own article.
An introductory paragraph with thesis statement clearly defining your position.
A minimum total of-three well written paragraphs, free of critical spelling and grammatical errors.
Your writing will be supported with at least 3 pieces of evidence or examples. Paragraphs can be handwritten or typed on a google doc. Digital pieces need to be shared with me and also printed out and attached to your pamphlet.
This is an argumentative/persuasive writing piece so opinion and voice are important. You are trying to convince the readers of your position.
MLA Style Bibliography.
A minimum of 2 colorful illustrations.

Technical aspects of paper (20%)

News Paper and banner headline Titles
Minimum number of Paragraphs
Spelling and Grammar
MLA Bibliography

Content (80%)
See attached Rubric on classroom.

Total score  ______/100      ____/10

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