Types of Literacy Assessment

Write a 550-750 word research essay on types of literacy assessments. Include the purpose of each assessment and pair with technology/digital tools that support the assessment. Your paper should include:

An examination of types of literacy assessments, both formal and informal, and their uses and misuses.
At least 2-3 appropriate literacy assessment tools for your content area.
Technological resources that support the literacy assessment tools chosen.
An explanation of how you would use these literacy assessments to aid in your instruction.

Cite and reference 2-3 scholarly articles.

Essay skillfully and concisely describes types of literacy assessments, their purpose and technological/digital support.
Essay skillfully and concisely examines literacy assessments, both informal, and formal and their uses and misuses.
Essay skillfully and concisely defines appropriate literacy assessment tools and technological resources for a content area.
Essay skillfully and concisely explains how literacy assessments aid in instruction.
Purpose statement and related conclusion are clear and convincing. Information is well-organized and logical. Argument presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner.

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