United History- Discussion Board question

Read Chapters 1-2 of the textbook “Give Me Liberty” and read the paper found here regarding the Trial of T. Hall.  From the paper, begin your reading on page 14 with the first full paragraph and end the reading after the completion of the first paragraph on page 17.  Once all reading is complete, respond to the following items:
What does the source tell us, from the experience of T. Hall, about gender and gender identity within the 17th century?

You are required to submit an initial posting that addresses the items above. You are also expected to respond to the posting of at least one other student. Your response should address why you agree/disagree with their posting and explain how the source impacted your understanding of gender and society in Puritan communities.

at least a paragraph or more answering this please doesn’t need to be a page long and refer to the book as the source specify sections

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