Unnatural Causes Medical Coursework

Watch the first episode of the documentary Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and in Wealth (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Think about the following questions and post your response (about 250 words) by 11:59pm on Thursday. Read through your classmates’ postings and meaningfully engage with at least 2 of them (in about 50-100 words each) by Sunday at 11:59pm. Questions to think about/discuss. (You don’t need to address all of these, they are suggestions to get you started.): Dr. Kawachi observes that the ability to avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet depends on access to “income, education, and the social determinants of health.” Have you observed any conditions in your community that promote or hinder healthy choices? What policies shape those conditions? What kind of chronic stressors may affect people’s health? What societal forces create and reinforce those stressors? Sociologist David Williams says, “Economic policy is health policy.” What kinds of economic policies might reduce health inequities and improve the overall health of most Americans? What kinds of employment, education, housing, or transportation policies do we need today to promote health equity? Can you think of additional “structural competency” efforts that could be incorporated into biomedical practice?

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