Urgent Essay Help-Dependent Samples t-Test:

Urgent Essay Help-Dependent Samples t-Test:

Dependent Samples t-Test:

you will now increase your understanding of inferential statistics involving a dependent samples repeated-measures t-test. Imagine a researcher is interested in whether teachers’ self-esteem differs at the beginning and at the end of the school year. Use the data file “teachersurvey.sav” to conduct a dependent-samples repeated-measures t-test (referred to as a paired-samples t-test in SPSS). In this data set, self-esteem was measured at the beginning of the school year (Score One) and at the end of the school year (Score Two) (i.e., repeated-measures with the same group). These are the variables to be used in this analysis.

Complete the following:

Using self-esteem as the measured variable:

Determine if the two main assumptions underlying repeated-measures t-tests are met. Support your response with SPSS output as needed.

Provide the null and alternative hypotheses.

What are the mean and standard deviation for beginning self-esteem (ScoreOne) and end self-esteem (ScoreTwo) using APA style?

What is the value of Cohen’s d? Is it small, medium, or large?

Interpret the mean, standard deviation, standard error, and confidence interval in the paired-samples t-test output box.

What is the percentage of variance explained? Interpret this value. Report the results in APA format.

What might be concluded from these results? In these conclusions, discuss possible limitations of the study and provide recommendations for future research.

Based on your personal experiences and interests, briefly discuss a potential variable to be compared using a dependent samples repeated-measures t-test.