Urgent Essay Help-discuss how biomechanics impacts game.

Urgent Essay Help-discuss how biomechanics impacts game.

Biomechanics uses the concepts of force and mechanics to understand and expand the structure and function of biological systems.  This is often used in sports or exercise science as a way to train or maximize performance.  For this thread, select a favorite sport and discuss how biomechanics impacts the game.

How can biomechanics be used to maximize performance in this sport?

What forces are at play in this sport that biomechanics are working against?

List at least two injuries that are most common in this sport.  Can you relate these injuries to biomechanics?

Based on your research, what recommendations do you have for people that play this sport?

What is Biomechanics:  http://sportsbiomech.com/aboutsportsbiomech.php  

Biomechanics and sports: http://www.humankinetics.com/excerpts/excerpts/apply-biomechanics-to-improve-techniques  

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