Urgent Essay Help- Influencing Organizational Culture

Urgent Essay Help- Influencing Organizational Culture

Influencing Organizational Culture

Dr. Gottlieb is concerned about the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center’s relationship with physicians. Physicians are concerned that their incomes will decline with the new practice model. As a result, Dr. Gottlieb believes that physicians will not be motivated to increase productivity. He’s asked for your help in preparing background information and key talking points for a discussion that he is planning with the most influential physicians who will practice at the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center.


Assess the culture of BWH and BWPO, with specific attention to the physicians.

Explain the implications of organizational culture for the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center, with regard to the new practice model.

Describe at least two barriers to change for the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center.

Use motivational theories to assess the situation involving the physicians, and explain how theories of motivation apply to the culture of the organization.

Recommend four potential action steps to improve motivation for the physicians that include at least one action step related to engaging support from board governance in the process change.

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