Urgent Essay Help-Professional Development

Urgent Essay Help-Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional development opportunities within an organization can cover widely diverse areas; greatly impact employee satisfaction and production; influence retention; and help ensure a balanced, informed, skilled, and compliant workforce. Professional development offerings are prompted by many factors, including legally mandated content required of all employees, such as sexual harassment training in some states, EEEO training, training for specific positions that involves certification or licensing, compliance with professional regulatory organizations, and organizational training on a myriad of job-specific topics. The human resources manager needs to know that staff is provided the opportunities they need to succeed both within the organization and as professionals.

· Describe key training for at least three different positions (e.g., nurses, radiology technicians, etc.), required of the organization by state or federal regulations.

Describe at least three training and/or certifications required by relevant accrediting bodies and professional organizations.

Describe training/professional development opportunities currently being used by the organization that are providing value. Analyze how they are providing value to the organization and/or individual.

Identify gaps in the training/professional development program. Recommend training/professional development opportunities that would fill those gaps. Explain how.

Describe four training delivery methods that might be most viable in your organization. Include at least two technology-based methods. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Recommend two training delivery options for the organization. Explain your rationale for these recommendations. Include influence of the organization’s mission, vision, and values on making these selections.

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