My values, philosophy, dreams and calling

Resonant leaders are self-aware. They inspire others around them because they lead with a personal vision, which is aligned with their organization’s vision.

The objective of this essay is for you to present an image of your desired future.  You should focus on your Ideal Self. Do not include any set-backs, barriers, or obstacles. The essay should have the following three sections, for a single-spaced discussion of each section:

My values, philosophy, dreams and calling
My intellectual or professional agenda
My career and life aspirations
In the “My values, philosophy, dreams and calling” section, incorporate your five values after you have determined what they are using this guideline: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. For your philosophy, I want you to rank the following philosophical orientations (pragmatic, humane, and intellectual) from dominant to recessive. Look for themes or patterns among your values, philosophy and dreams as to what is really important to you. Explore your purpose in life, legacy, or “calling.” In the “My intellectual/professional agenda” section, describe the impact or study you want to pursue. These can be ideas and plans that are well developed, or ideas and plans that seem unconnected. Often, the process of discovering one’s intellectual or professional agenda begins with listing the ideas or observations in life that have fascinated you, bothered you, or you believe are linked to a better life or better work organization performance. In the “My career and life aspirations” section, you will be integrating the thoughts from the previous two sections into a specific image and direction for your life and career. In describing your career aspirations, please describe long-term possibilities beyond five to ten years. If your desired and/or predicted image of your career over the next seven to ten years involves a sequence of jobs and moves, please describe them and your rationale for this being the desired or likely sequence. If you are not sure, but have identified two or more desired paths, please feel free to elaborate each one. Regarding the life aspirations, please describe your desired life style, including a description of the “type of person” you want to be.

Do NOT send your personal vision to the Daily Nebraskan. This is personal. Do NOT submit a hard copy. Upload an electronic copy on Canvas for my perusal by September 5th.

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