Should video games be considered art or sport?

Argument Paper
This assignment is worth 10% (100 points) of your final grade. General assignment policies can be found
in the syllabus.
This is your opportunity to practice your skills! Choose a topic from the list below.
1. Should video games be considered art or sport?
2. Should the federal government fund the arts?
3. Can musical training make you more successful in other areas?
4. Should graffiti be considered art or crime?
5. Do movies and television promote stereotypes?
6. Is public television necessary?
7. Should public libraries be closed?
8. Should marijuana be a legal medical option?
9. Should euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide be legal?
10. Should prescription drugs be advertised directly to consumers?
You will use your research, argument, persuasion, reasoning and literacy skills to write a paper fully
covering BOTH sides of the topic you have chosen. You will be graded based on your ability to articulate
both sides of the issue using what we have discussed in class, the quality of the relevant research you
choose to help make your points, and how well you make your statements, arguments, premises and
conclusions. You will also be graded on how well you follow MLA format, your grammar and writing
skills, and the quality of your works cited.
Remember, you must use research-based evidence and the elements of argument learned in class to
support both of your arguments. It will be helpful for you to review the first two chapters of For All X
before you start your paper.
Your paper should be 500-700 words, written in MLA format. You can find more about MLA here.
You need at least two credible, peer-reviewed resources for each opposing side (minimum of four total
resources) to help you make your points. Make sure you cite them in MLA format.
To ensure you meet all criteria for this paper, review the grading rubric included in this document. It is
what I will use to grade your paper. If you make sure you include the elements from this rubric, you will
be more likely to receive a higher grade.
You should submit your paper to the link provided in Blackboard. This assignment is due by Sunday at
11:59 pm on the date detailed in the course schedule. See the syllabus for the course late policy.

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