Video Script

IDST 1002H: Human Inequality in Global Perspective — Issues
Video assignment instructions
From the Course Syllabus: “Your task in this assignment is to select one of the
Sustainable Development Goals and prepare a scripted and storyboarded video on a
smartphone or similarly-equipped device that explains in your own words why the
Sustainable Development Goal that you have selected is important to you. The reasons
that you can offer can range from the personal to the global. The video can be as amateur
or as professional as you would like it to be; the extent of the editing that you undertake
for your video is your own decision. The video must be between 45 seconds and 3:30
minutes long. When you have completed your video, you will upload it to a Youtube
channel, along with the other students in the course. The video must be uploaded by no
later than Thursday, 1 February at 12:00 p.m., and is worth 5 per cent of the final grade.”
In order to undertake this assignment:
1. the students in each workshop will create a YouTube channel specifically for that
workshop, with only the students in the workshop being allowed to upload to the
channel. Students in the workshop must decide among themselves which of their
members will take responsibility for this task.
2. Each student will write a script for their video. Each script must explain
1. what are the SDGs;
2. why you have selected the SDG that you are presenting;
3. why the SDG that you are presenting is important to you.
3. Only after you have written your script should you record the video. Take as
many or as few takes as you think necessary.
4. If you choose to edit the video, do so.
5. Each video must be identified by the student’s name, student number and email
address so that the video can be marked. This identification can be done onscreen,
in the file name, or in the upload description.
6. Once completed, upload the video to the workshop’s YouTube channel.
The videos will be marked by your Workshop Leader in conjunction with the Course
Leader. Good will receive 5 marks; average will receive 3 marks; and poor will receive 1
The YouTube address of all videos will be shared among the entire student body of the
course. The Course Leader may select some videos to be viewed by UN agencies.

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