Aristotle and Confucius comparison of the VIRTUE – what it means to live well

It is the week of Halloween, it is time to forget about the tsunami of work that school gives us,
and hopefully have some fun. For this purpose I am keeping this week’s lesson short, and ask
you only to write a one-page essay response. This week’s topic is virtue, or what it means to live
well: to live a happy life, and the mindset that would allow you to do that. I am giving you to
read two pieces of writing, one by the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the other by the Chinese
philosopher Confucius. They both address the question of how to live a happy existence. They
both offer advice. Compare these two pieces of writing – what do they have in common? What
is different between them? You don’t have to answer these questions exactly, but these are just
things that maybe you will notice yourself as you read them (their similarities and differences).
Aristotle was writing in the 300s BC, and Confucius in the 400s BC. Do they say anything that
is relevant to us today?
I hope this semester has not completely drained you of your energy. I hope you find some
enjoyment this weekend as it is Halloween, because we need enjoyment in our lives too. Here
are the two writings: