Visual Analysis Presentation

Create a media presentation using either PPT or Prezi to provide your analysis of a print advertisement of your choice. Please include the following elements in your presentation:

  • Title Page (Should include your MLA heading info)
  • What is the overall purpose of the advertisement?
  • What is the mood, tone, or atmosphere?
  • What colors are used? How do they affect the audience or make the audience feel?
  • What images, shapes, forms, colors, movements, words, notes stand out? Why do they stand out?
  • What context surrounds the image (e.g. time period, creator, purpose)?
  • Evaluate the success of the piece: does the artist/creator achieve their goal?
  • Must have a works cited page
  • Font is easy to read
  • Overall aesthetics of presentation is visually appealing

Each of the above bullet points will be worth 10% of the overall grade for this assignment, and you should address each bullet point on a separate slide. Also, please include a copy of the advertisement you have chosen so that I can visualize it when grading your assignment.

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