Ways to Cut Expenses

See how the essay follows the outline.
See how the introductory paragraph gives background information and leads into a thesis at the end of the paragraph. While some instructors do not require that the thesis be at the end, for this course, the thesis must be at the end of the introductory paragraph. (Note that the outline starts with the thesis and does not include what you intend to put before the thesis as background information.)
See how there is a paragraph for each I, II, and III
Remember that the proof (the body paragraphs) has to prove the thesis.  There should be wording in each paragraph that shows how it proves the thesis.
There should not be any information in those body paragraphs that does not prove the thesis.
See how the concluding paragraph sums up the proof and restates the thesis and does not contain any new information such as what would happen if the solutions to problems are not found. While some instructors take a different approach about what should be in the concluding paragraph, for this course, the conclusion should consist of a summary of the proof after a restatement of the thesis.
Using one of the outlines posted on the page prior to this one, write a brief essay of about 500 words (450-550).  Feel free to change the proof points if you think of something else. Remember to follow the page setup instructions in MLA Page Format  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.from the PHSC Online Writing Center. Do not use first person (I, we, me, my, our, us) or second person (you, your) including omitted you sentences. Instructions or advice to the reader  are omitted you sentences.  Here is an example:

Be sure to reduce your carbon imprint to save the planet.

The subject of this sentence is understood to be you . (You) Be sure…  Even though the you is not said, it is still a second person sentence.

This is not a research paper. You should be able to write one of these essays from your own information. Do not use outside information from the library, the Internet, or elsewhere.

Do not write or submit your outline for this assignment. This assignment does not ask you to write an outline since you are following an outline provided.

Choose one of the aforementioned, previous-page outlines to write your essay and Thesis: The best ways to cut expenses are to avoid eating out, to minimize car travel to save gas, and to avoid unnecessary spending. (You don’t have to use these ways.  You can substitute your own ways of cutting expenses.)

I.  Avoid eating out to cut expenses.

A.  eating out is expensive.

B.  preparing food is much cheaper especially if living with family

II.  Minimize electrical expenses

A.  eliminate phantom loads

B.  switch to LEDs

III. Reduce entertainment expenses

A.  reduce or eliminate your cable bill

B.  consider reducing/eliminating other regular paid services
submit only an essay.

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