Week 1 Quiz – Sociological Perspective SOC 110

Week 1 Quiz – Sociological Perspective, Research Instructor: DePhillips

Course: SOC 110 Due: Sunday, Jan. 28th, 8:00 pm

Please fill in the blank with the best key word from either class material or the textbook.

1. One of the founding fathers of sociology,                      discovered the sociological influences of social cohesion and integration on suicide, which was previously thought to be a purely personal issue.

2. One of the founding fathers of sociology,                      argued that the capitalist class Bourgeoisie exploited the working class Proletariat, and this was the foundation of industrial society.

3. One of the founding fathers of sociology,                      made the controversial argument that capitalism had its origin in religious thought, for which Catholics were less suited to hard work and saving than Protestants.

4. Using objective, systematic research to evaluate theoretical understandings of the social world is known as the                     .

5. A group of people who share a culture, a set of institutions, a territory, and a common identity is known as a                     .

6. The                      allows us to grasp the connection between biography and history.

7. The corners of social life that people occupy because of their place in society is known as their                     .

8. A                      is a testable claim or prediction about the social world that can be supported or refuted by social science research.

9. An abstract understanding about how the social world works from which we derive research questions is known as                     .

10.                      evidence is that which is based on direct observation and objective, systematic study of social phenomena.

11.                      refers to how abstract, theoretical constructs are converted into objective measurements for use in social science research.

12. The research method that involves examining information from written or symbolic media material, such as newspapers, magazines, books, movies, or TV shows is known as                     .

13.                      is a research method that involves asking in-depth, open-ended questions to a small number of people in order to record as much detail as possible.

14. The research method that asks a standardized set of questions to a large sample of people is known as a                     .

15.                      is a research method that involves a carefully controlled situation designed to isolate cause and effect.

16. A measurement which produces wildly different scores from one day to the next when circumstances have not changed is a measure lacking                     .

17. A measurement which does not capture the theoretical concept that it is intended to capture is a measure lacking                     .

18. True or False? A community is nothing more than the sum of its individual members.

19. True or False? Human social organization is very social in nature, but it is not considered eusocial like the social organization of ants.

20. True or False? Our personal choices are not influenced in any way by social forces such as government policy or the culture we grew up in.

21. Written response: Describe an example of a seemingly personal problem and how the sociological imagination creates a broader understanding of it as a social problem? In other words, what are the social influences on this personal issue?


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