Week 4:Fallacies Assignment

Week 4:Fallacies Assignment

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Complete this thread once you have read the Fallacies content in The West Guide as assigned by the syllabus.

Then come here and choose one of the following to answer for 10 points.


1. Can you think of a fallacy you have seen in a TV commercial? If so, describe the ad, and say what you think the fallacy is. Name the fallacy is possible. You can even say, “I think it’s either ___ or ___” since some of the fallacies are very hard to tell from each other. We are practicing here, so I’m not going to sweat it.

OR, if you can find an ad online, and post a picture of it, you can do it that way too, and identify what you think the fallacy is.

2. Have you heard/seen an argument in social media, the press (newspapers, magazines, and blogs) that you think contains a fallacy? If so, describe the argument, its source [where you found it] and identify what you think the fallacy is.

*Important Disclaimer: this is a learning exercise. You can use something you may even agree with, if you think it contains a fallacy. We are not here to discuss the ideas or the arguments themselves, but to learn how to use logic.*

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