What are the positivenegative ramifications of these influences?

Modern Dance evolved from the early 1900’s to a current dance form today. Define it’s beginning process, the major dance figure’s and their individual styles. Identify the mid-century evolution of modern dance including major dance figures, and what changes occurred. How is modern dance different today? What makes it so different from ballet? jazz dance? tap dance?

The social dances of the 1980’s reflected many important issues of the time and how they affected society. What were these dances? Where were they found? Among which groups were they popularized? How did these dances affect society at the time? Who were some of the major artists of this era and what influences did they exert? With the rise in the popularity of reality dance television today where is social dance headed?

What are the differences and similarities between World Dance/Ritual Dance and Folk Dance? How do they relate to specific cultures? What part do rituals play? What are the contemporary influences upon these dances? What are the positive/negative ramifications of these influences? What part does having an audience and/or participation play in the presentation of these dances?