what is your definition of a home

Write a 4-5 page paper using the Pew Research article on “Home” to determine what is your definition of home? What criteria must a place have in order for you to call it home? Can a person have more than one home? Is home where a person is born? Can a person’s home change over the course of a life? How important is it that a person’s family lives at “home”? You can answer all or some of these questions as you navigate what your definition of “home” is, using only the Pew Research essay and your own thoughts. You can use “I” but be careful to not use “I think, I feel, I believe, to me, in my opinion, personally,” etc. as these are just filler words. Also, “you” or any of its variations is never to be used in academic essays. Your essay must be: At least 4 full pages long Use the Pew Research essay somewhere in the body and be cited Be in proper essay format (one-inch margins, double-spacing, indentation, 4 line header, last name/page number in upper right of each page) Have a Works Cited with the Pew Research essay correctly cited on it on at least Page 5 or after

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