Why did the “United States” become a singular noun after the Civil War?

History 2020 Modern U.S. History Midterm Spring 2019

Instructions for the Essay Portion

Essay question

Why did the “United States” become a singular noun after the Civil War? Briefly describe what you consider the highlights, or the most important aspects of Reconstruction. Cite one or more events that you believe most affected the future race relations in the United States. Under the circumstances (given the realities of the day), how might it have been expected to be or could have been different, considering both what was good about it and that which was unfortunate. What lesson is there in the attempt to remove Andrew Johnson from office to contemporary politics?

Develop a well-organized, logical response in paragraph form for each. Include as much specific information in your supporting argument as you can; specific details should come especially from material we covered in class but may also include material in the text. Do NOT rely SOLEY on the text, knowledge you had when you came into the class that we did not discuss, or use Internet sources to prepare the essay; material taken from the Internet that we have not covered EVEN IF CORRECT is not acceptable (use Internet material only for context, if at all). A good essay shows evidence of INDIVIDUAL thought; use specifics to support your argument. The essay should be entirely in your own words; there should be no necessity for citations in an exam essay (do NOT use them).

Begin with a good topic sentence. An essay should be as grammatical as possible, in paragraph form, with an introductory paragraph, body (I suggest three to five paragraphs) and conclusion. The introduction states your argument, the body provides supporting material and back-up, and the conclusion is a summary of the your argument how you have supported it. Your composition should flow logically and smoothly from point to point. There is no necessity here to be concerned about Chicago or MLA or what have you – you do not need citations, and it is best not to use them in this kind of essay, which is to be your own thoughts and reflections.