william Eggleston Arts Research Paper

are you interested in this Arts Research paper: • Assess the photographer’s relevance and contribution to the medium. Use scholarly sources to validate your conclusions. • Clarify the reasons of your choice how/why the photographer’s work strikes you and how it inspires your own. • Highlight biographical information only when it helps understand/clarify his/her creative choices, purpose, direction, mission, etc. otherwise don’t spend much time on it. • Analyze 4 pix selected from the photographer’s body of work and give reasons for your choice. Let me reiterate that your paper should be 6 pages (as per syllabus), one or so of which may include the pictures you are covering. Double spaced OK. If needed, you may write up to but no more than 8 pages. It is as important to stress composition and balance of form and content in the pictures you analyze as it is in your own photographic work. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Use at least four sources. Always go back to scholarly work to support your own conclusions but avoid lengthy quotes. Paraphrase when you can. Include sources in your footnotes along with possible references to other publications worth consulting. Avoid extensive use of explanatory or digressive notes. Use the MLA format