Was World War II Inevitable or Could it Have Been Avoided

Was WWII avoidable or inevitable? Hitler had many policies. What were reactions to Mein Kampf and Axis aggression that would be considered as reasons for WWII? Very few events in life are inevitable. Though circumstances, ideologies and public opinion may seem to be heading toward an inevitable destination, the truth is that even one person if in the right place at the right time can steer a nation’s course away from disaster.  Word War II was not inevitable. In hindsight we can see numerous ways in which it could have been avoided. However, we are looking at it from the luxury of the future. We are not pressed by poor economies, a desperate German populace, an apathetic British and American public or the apparent benefits of Hitler’s legislation passed with the goal of charming the German people and the world. Two specific ways in which Allied apathy was highlighted during the buildup to World War II were their reactions to Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” and their reaction to early Axis aggressions. In both cases the Allies either chose to look the other way or deliberately interpret the messages in pacifist or even delusional ways.