Write a descriptive and critical assessment of literature based on African American History

African American History 241



You will complete an annotated bibliography of the following articles (links to the articles are found in topics 1 & 2 of the syllabus). Annotations are descriptive and critical assessments of literature that help researchers to evaluate texts and determine relevancy in relation to a particular research project. Ultimately, they are a note-taking tool that fosters critical thinking, demonstrates understanding, and evaluates the source material for possible later use. In this assignment, you will read and annotate the following three articles


Johansson, M. (2007). Historiography and Psychoanalysis. International Forum of Psychoanalysis, 16(2), 103–112.


Perera, S. B. (2013). Circling, Dreaming, Aging. Psychological Perspectives, 56(2), 137–148.


Hebbrecht, M. (2013). The dream as a picture of the psychoanalytic process. Romanian Journal of Psychoanalysis, 6(2), 123–142.

1. Please annotate the journal articles assigned in the first 2 Modules of this course ( the 3 articles are listed above). Annotations for each article should consist of a MINIMUM of 250 original words (i.e., no quoted material).

2. Alphabetize the three journal articles by the last name of the first author for each article.

3. Please make sure to discuss both the strengths and limitations of each article as part of your evaluation of the article, and also what you think of them in terms of their value, validity, methods, etc. Do not discuss the credentials of the authors, where they teach, or how many publications they have.

OUTLINE ( Please review the Week 2 Assignment Template, posted along with these Announcements, as an example of how to construct an outline for this assignment. )

Construct an outline for a paper that will identify and discuss 3 themes common to the articles you read for this assignment (you will write the paper in module 4). The paper will require identification of elements and themes common to the articles as well as a synthesis of those themes. THERE IS A SAMPLE/INSTRUCTIONAL ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY AND A TEMPLATE FOR THE OUTLINE PROVIDED (It will accompany these announcements), MAKE SURE YOU USE THE OUTLINE TEMPLATE TO CONSTRUCT YOUR OUTLINE WITH THE SAME SECTIONS.

NOTE: The paper that is due week 4 will be based on the readings for weeks 1-4. That means that your outline needs to incorporate the reading from weeks 3 & 4 as well, which means you will need to read ahead? You will need to at least skim the 4 articles from Modules 3 and 4 so you can include them in your outline. The articles for weeks 1-4 are the following:


Johansson (2007), Perera (2013), Hebbrecht (2013), Kluners (2014), Schutt & Castonguay (2001), Summers (2006), and Newirth (2014). EACH THEME IN THE OUTLINE (AND THUS YOUR PAPER) MUST INCLUDE SUPPORT FROM AT LEAST THREE OF THE ABOVE ARTICLES. See syllabus for links and complete references.

The three themes for this paper MUST be the following (1) THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND, (2) DREAMS, and (3) EGO DEFENSE MECHANISMS. Within each theme of your outline, you will provide some brief phrasing to indicate the material you will discuss within each theme in your paper. Be sure to include a clear, concise, and specific thesis statement in your introduction.

Make sure to cite at least 3 of the 7 articles within each theme of your outline.