Write my Essay-Business Communication in its Rhetorical Contexts

Write my Essay-Project 3:  Ethics Presentation

You can use companies such as GAP, H&M etc


  • Give detailed examples of the unethical behavior of this company. Also describe how the lack of ethics has had FINANCIAL, LEGAL, SOCIAL, and PERSONAL consequences.  Discuss how certain solutions to the problem may be ETHICALLY ACCEPTABLE or UNACCEPTABLE.
  • Your overall goal is to illuminate the ethical issues involved, and to discuss a solution that makes sense.  For example, if you are discussing a particular corporation that has already dealt with an ethical issue, you could describe how that corporation acted, and recommend how the corporation should act in the future.

Each team is required to prepare a video presentation and PowerPoint in which students discuss how a company or a group of companies in a specific industry has acted unethically.  Explain how the lack of ethics has resulted in financial, legal, social, and personal consequences for the various stakeholders.  The team should also discuss a similar company that behaves ethically. 

Must use the ethics theories (see powerpoint)

  • Give a brief background of the company’s (or industry’s) history.
  • Discuss a company, preferably in the same industry, that has a reputation for being ethical.