Write My Research Paper-Cyberdefense Regulations and Statutes

Write My Research Paper-Cyberdefense Regulations and Statutes

Cyberdefense Regulations and Statutes

The board of directors of My Local Bank, a privately owned institution in Burbank, California, is exploring the idea of taking the bank public. As part of the due diligence, the board members have hired you to explore the legal and regulatory environment pertaining to information security and privacy, and they have asked you to research and report back to them on the laws, statutes, and regulations that will influence their decision making.

You are asked to identify specific laws, regulations, and statutes and to identify the lead agencies with which they would be required to work to ensure that they are in compliance prior to issuing stock for the IPO.

Describe five applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or statutes that relate to cybersecurity.

Analyze the objectives and challenges of enforcing federal state and local cybersecurity laws, regulations, or statutes.

Explain the current practice among federal, state, and local law enforcement related to jurisdiction and division of labor.

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