Writing Service-METAPHORS

Writing Service-METAPHORS

Another way to make writing appealing to your reader is to carefully choose words–just the right word for what you’re trying to convey. Words help to provide details–and details are what we like reading.

Identify where King uses a specific word (or phrase) that makes his writing interesting and appealing. In the annotation for each one, identify which word (or phrase) you think is effective in the sentence, and why.

As we read different memoirs, you’ll notice stylistic choices writers make so that the writing is easy to read and keeps your interest. One of King’s stylistic tactics is to use parentheses ( … ) to add details into a sentence.

Identify and highlight THREE sentences where King uses parentheses. In the annotation, describe what kind of information is included in the parentheses. Is there a pattern to what kind of detail goes into the parentheses?

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