How to Order

A Step by Step Guide on How to Order and Receive your Complete Paper has a simple, easy and fast process of ordering a paper.

The process takes the following for steps

Step 1: Place Your Order

We have an Online Order Form accessible to all through the “Order Now” page on our website. You just need to click the “Order Now” icon, and it will direct you to the other activities. You only fill the details of the paper you need and sign up your details. You also have an option of preview under the “Preview” button.

Step 2: Payment Process

When you click on the ‘preview details,’ you are automatically logged into your account where you get the order details. At the bottom of the paper, there is the “Continue to payment…..” which gives a direct link to the various modes of payment. These payments options are;

  1. Pay with my PayPal account’– this option is for clients with PayPal accounts
  2. Pay with a debit, PayPal Credit, or credit card’– as a client you do not need a PayPal account so much time as you have a credit or debit card.

Step 3: Order Execution

Our company,, will assign your assignment to an expert writer once we have received the instructions and payment confirmation. Through our reliable communication system, we will continue to facilitate the messaging between the client and the writer to ensure the instructions are completely followed. Our Quality Assurance Department will make sure that a paper free of plagiarism.

Step 4: Delivery of your Custom Paper

Once the paper has been approved, we will upload into the system which in turn will alert you by your email. Once you receive the notification, you are free to log into your account and download the paper. Further, the administration will send you a copy of the custom paper by your email.