Finance term paper

Term paper for FIN341 – Commercial Banking Management is to submit a report on a specific banking products in Kuwait aiming to conduct a comparative analysis on the category of products chosen for your paper. The following are the category of products that student can select:

  1. Transaction Accounts (Demand Deposits, NOW, Checking Accounts, …etc)
  2. Fixed Deposits
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Consumer Loans
  5. E-Channels (E-banking)

The proposed paper structure should be as follows:

  1. Executive summary: a summary of the paper presenting the concept, the main findings. and recommendations.
  2. Introduction: this section shall describe the banking industry in Kuwait and available products with specific focus on the category of products you have chosen from the above list.
  3. Comparative Analysis: should collect information about available products in the category you have chosen provided by banks in Kuwait.
  4. Recommendation: your opinion on the best available products/banks in the category.
  5. Conclusion

Group Work: the term paper must be prepared by at most a team of 3 students. Exceptions should be agreed with the course instructor.

Deadline: the paper must be submitted on or before the last lecture of the course as shown in university calendar.

Presentation:toward the end of the courseeach group should give a 15 minutes presentation with a 5 minutes question and answer session. The presentations should be on power point or similar software.

Word Count: a minimum of 2,500 words is required with no maximum ceiling.

Marking Guideline: students are evaluated based on the paper and the oral presentation performed in class.

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