Literature review

Your task is to conduct a search of the academic literature to write a brief literature review based on one of the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan priority areas:

Healthier eating and active living
Tobacco-free living
Reducing harmful alcohol and drug use
Improving mental health
Preventing violence and injury
Improving sexual and reproductive health
Further details about these priorities can be in Topic 1.

Your review of the literature must demonstrate the significance of the issue under examination and the gaps in the research evidence (minimum of 10 references). This must clearly lead to a statement of your research aim / question. The literature review should be approximately 500 words.The literature review should be concise, with no irrelevant information, ideas, or words. The goal is to write a succinct and clear review of the literature on your selected topic. This means keep it focused to the specific aspect / issue within the selected priority area and population group of interest. You do not need to justify the broad priority area selected. In the workforce you will often be required to write very short yet detailed and critical pieces to communicate important concepts / ideas / problems / solutions. This assignment provides a good opportunity to practice these skills.

Assignment 1a forms the basis for Assignment 1b.

A literature review is a critical analysis of the most relevant, recent and scholarly work published on the topic of interest. This means you must use your critical appraisal skills when reviewing the available research. A literature review is not a summary of articles or an analytical, opinionative or argumentative essay. The three key points of a literature review are:

What the research says
How the research was carried out
What is missing, i.e. the gap that your research intends to fill
Before you submit Assignment 1a check your literature review against the following questions:

Is the purpose and scope clearly outlined?
Have appropriate and credible (academic/scholarly) literature been included?
Has the literature been analysed and critiqued?
Are gaps in the literature clearly identified?
Are varying viewpoints / contradictions in the literature discussed?
Is there an introduction, body and conclusion?
Have all statements been adequately referenced? Are all bibliographical details of the sources recorded and included in the reference list?
Does the literature review lead to a research aim / question which is answerable using a questionnaire?
Is the research aim / question clearly stated?
Assignment 1a addresses:

Unit Learning outcome
Formulate study design specific research aims, questions and hypothesis.
Graduate Learning Outcomes
Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities
Critical thinking
Problem solving