Free Verse Poem Project- 2021 Guide

How do you write a Free Verse Poem in 5 easy steps?

Students often struggle with assignments on how to write a free verse poem. Well you do not have to go through all the hustles scratching your head and losing it out. I will give you five simple steps on how you can pull an impressive free verse. But first, check on the instructions below to give you an idea of what type of question you can come across.

Sample Instructions:

Ask your teacher or librarian to help you locate excellent free verse poetry for study. Good contrasting selections are “All in green went my love riding” by E.E. Cummings and “The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” by Ezra Pound. When you are thoroughly familiar with sound patterns of free verse poetry, write a free verse poem of at least fifteen lines. Use at least three kinds of figurative language and at least two different sound effects. When you feel you can express your poem well, have your teacher listen and comment about your voice quality. Have your teacher evaluate you on effectiveness, voice strength, expressions, and voice flexibility. When you have heard your teacher’s comments on your reading, write a paragraph describing good reading techniques and a paragraph noting your areas of weakness and your ideas for strengthening them.

To write a free verse poem, follow the six steps below:

1. Follow your imagination- just as the name, a free verse poem does not limit you to a specific format. You can be as wild as you want. Let it be your story.

2. Write a rough draft first- we know that not following a specific structure can be confusing. Well, the poem should be a personal reflection and so you don’t have to worry if it is dissimilar to any other version that you may have come across.

3. Read aloud- this is probably the most basic editing/proofreading technique. Yet, reading aloud your draft will help you decide if what you have written is something worth working on or you need a fresh start.

4. Let your emotions flow- while at it, you need to ensure you utilize enough imagery to make your free verse poem as emotional as it can get. Your audience will want to connect with it, and this is only possible if you give it a human touch.

5. Make final edit- it is always good to read your poem one more time and make necessary edits concerning grammar, sentence structure, syntax, correctness, punctuation, tenses, and so forth.

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