Goal Flow or Funnel Visualization report for CompanyOne

There are various questions that a market analyst needs to consider in making a decision between using a Goal Flow or Funnel Visualization report for CompanyOne. To do that and provide a concise answer to the discussion topic four for MBA 640, students need a well crafted original discussion post, please Order Here. Lets us look at the samples below:

Sample Question:

In Google Analytics (GA), a funnel is a navigation path (series of web pages) that you expect CompanyOne’s online customers to follow in order to achieve the business’s goals for their website. A funnel is made up of a goal page (or pages) and one or more funnel pages (also known as the funnel steps). CompanyOne needs to choose either the Goal Flow Report or the Funnel Visualization Report for CompanyOne in Google Analytics. They come to you for advice. What questions will you ask in order to arrive at your recommendation for CompanyOne? Explain your reasoning.

A Snippet of the Answer:

The focus of Goal Flow reports is basically goals which are key performance indicators (KPIs). Funnel Visualization report, however, perform the same function as goal flow reports, only that they do more; they serve as actionable starting points to conversion optimization.

The following questions would be necessary to make a decision on which type of report best suits CompanyOne:

  1. Are you interested only in the final conversion or even exits that did not reach conversion?
  2. Do you want to track the steps that your customers took to convert?
  3. Will you require advanced segmentation in the present or maybe in the near future?
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These questions will help decide on which strategy to use for the company. Take for example a case where the management or marketing department will need historical data, data visualization of specific funnels, and applying advanced segmentation. In such a case, it will be appropriate to consider the Goal Flow report as the other one does not support these options…For a customized answer, please Order Here