Nutritional Intake Food Journal: 2023 Solved

In this article, I am going to tackle the question on Nutritional Intake Food Journal Blog. Based on the data below from the Excel spreadsheet:

Chicken nuggets42024601120260025
Ice cream1002555171213

The average daily calorie intake is 1515 in the three days because the food taken features high calorie intake. On day two, fat intake was the lowest since fried foods like the hamburger, french fries, and chicken nuggets did not feature in the meals. Notably, cholesterol remained at similar levels. There is, however, a need to check the cholesterol intake as it should not exceed 30mg daily to avoid health difficulties including cardiac complications (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2015).

Sodium intake remained at a sustained level that of below 2300mg daily. Exceeding this recommended limit could be detrimental to health. Hence, chicken nuggets and ham sandwich should feature less in my meals. Notably, there is a positive correlation between carbohydrates and calorie levels where more carbohydrate intake translates to higher calories. This is evident in days one three. From the Nutritional Intake Food Journal Blog excel sheet, I noted that fiber intake is below the recommended level of 30g daily. As such, there is need to increase the fibre intake by taking high fibre sources such as bran flakes or bananas as well as other types of fruits  (British Nutrition Foundation, 2016).

In addition, protein intake was above the recommended intake because of meat foodstuffs such as the hamburger, chicken nuggets, and fried chicken. I, therefore, take note that is necessary to cut on protein intake with reference to Dietary Reference Intake of 0.8g of protein per Kg of body weight (Harvard Health Publishing, 2017).

Below are the questions I referred to when writing the blog: NB, we can draft an original piece for you.

The Nutritional Intake Food Journal Blog assignment is worth a potential total maximum of 100 points and there are two components: (1) Nutritional Food Intake Journal (50 points maximum) and (2) Nutritional Intake Reflection Blog post (50 points maximum). Both of these components will be submitted when you post your Blog reflection.

(1) Nutritional Food Intake Journal: All three days must be completed within the Excel journal with all food, food stuffs and beverages documented with their respective nutrient composition. NOTE: enter only the number values; no units like g (grams) are needed. The totals for each day will auto calculate at the bottom of the excel page.

(2) Nutritional Intake Reflection Blog post: a 200-250 word post discussing what you have learned about your eating habits and how it has impacted what and how you eat and drink.

To submit the Week 1 assignment, click “Create Blog Entry” in the top left corner. Title your Blog Entry “Your Name Nutritional Intake Reflection Blog” and then type your 200-250 reflective blog post. The Nutritional Food Intake Journal is required to be directly uploaded as an excel file to the Submission Area for the Nutritional Intake Reflection Blog post. Post the Nutritional Intake Reflection Blog and upload your Food Intake Journal excel file to the Submission